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Nike under fire after the release of ad campaign featuring Kaepernick

September 26, 2018

People going crazy after Nike had an ad campaign with former 49ners quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick tweeted a photo of his face and...

Recent tragedies from across the country lead to new fire drill rules

September 12, 2018

The new fire alarm system? Is it beneficial or not?  The fire alarm system is a device and protocol to help you with potential danger and fire....

Club rush at CHS was a success

September 6, 2018

Club Rush is where students of any grade can have the opportunity to see what types of clubs we have on campus. They are also available to sign...

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Volleyball coach Vasquez surveys life, volleyball, and chicken nuggets

September 20, 2018

Varsity Volleyball Coach Sarah Vasquez sighs as she recalls the sporting journey that brought her from just another student...

Colton JV Volleyball team falls to Arlington, 0-2

September 5, 2018

Colton’s  JV volleyball team loses against Arlington High School 0-2. The game started off with Arlington serving at us....

Colton Varsity Volleyball falls to Sultana

September 4, 2018

Colton High School’s Varsity Volleyball team loses to Sultana in Hesperia on the third set! The game started off with Sultana...

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What do we recommend for your binge list?

May 24, 2018

The movies listed below are the movies that have been released so far this month. I totally recommend these movies. Amelie ...

13 Reasons Why takes an in-depth examination into character’s lives

May 24, 2018

Have you ever heard of 13 Reasons Why? Season 2 of 13RW came out on Friday, May 18th. In the last season, Hannah Baker...

Aubrey and the Three Amigos will be the hottest tour of Summer 18′

May 24, 2018

On May 14th, two of the biggest faces in the music industry announced they are going on tour. It’s Drake and Migos!...

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Athlete of the Week – Ryelee Mergil

Athlete of the Week – Ryelee Mergil

May 14, 2018

Name: Ryelee Mergil Age: 15 Grade: 10 Position JV/ Varsity: Left Back Pregame Ritual: Listen to music to concentrate...

Athlete of the Week – Mario Fierro

May 7, 2018

Name: Mario Fierro   Age: 18   Sport: Track   Grade: 12   Position: 4x1, 100...

Athlete of the Week – Daniel Valdez

May 1, 2018

Name: Daniel Valdez   Age: 18   Grade: 12 Position: JV & Varsity: Outfield and Infield/Varsity   Pregame...

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Taylor Rae Limon, Musician of the Week

September 20, 2017

Name: Taylor Rae Limon   Age: 15   Instrument of Choice: Tuba   Favorite Musician: Lindsey...

Musician of the Month: Jack Gomez

May 3, 2017

Instrument of choice: Bass Favorite genre of music: Dream pop/indie Favorite song: Walk in the Park by Beach House Favorite...

Musician of the week: Priscilla Marin

March 8, 2017

Name: Priscilla Marin Age: 18 Grade: 12th Instrument of Choice: Flute/ Piccolo Favorite Musician: Louis Armstrong Who/What...

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Teacher of the Week – Silvera

May 9, 2018

Name: Stephan...

Teacher of the Week – Printz

March 2, 2018

Name: Julie Printz Subjects...

Teacher of the Week – Valenzuela

February 20, 2018

Name: Alicia...

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Keeping Colton High School informed and entertained since 1917