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Consumers leaning towards Netflix rather than average cable companies

Audrey Leonard, Reporter

March 7, 2018

Filed under Movies, TV

Netflix gained popularity in the content production industry in 2013. Netflix is movie and TV show streaming network that ranges from $9.99-13.99 monthly, depending on how many screens you’d prefer watching on simultaneously, but...

Disney’s Coco Teaches a Lesson to Children Around the World

Monze Gonzalez, Reporter

January 23, 2018

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Movies

  Coco is a disney/pixar film that has educated young kids all around the world on the importance of keeping a tradition -- The Day of the Dead. Disney used emotional diction to get an audience's attention by explaining his ...

Jumanji’s Remake Hits the Theaters and Fills Them with Laughter

Mario Fierro, Reporter

January 23, 2018

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Movies

For those who watched Jumanji we all know it's a remake of the old Jumanji, with a famous actor who passed away Robin Williams. The new characters that played in the new Jumanji was a good combination of humor: Dwayne Johnson, Jack ...

Zack Snyder’s Justice League Excites Fans for the Future of Marvel

Daniel Valdez, Reporter

December 7, 2017

Filed under Movies

Justice League was released November 17, 2017 but it was announced earlier in 2014 that this was being made. I watched this movie on November 25th, it was overall a great movie. The plotline was perfect, I understood the who...

Which Classic Halloween movies do we recommend this season? Read on

Kimberly Castellanos, Reporter

October 28, 2017

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Movies

Halloween is just around the corner, even if it doesn’t feel like that here in Colton. Halloween vibes include being full of candy, staying up later, going out with with your family or friends, visiting haunted houses, haun...

“Cult of Chucky” latest incarnation of creepy 80s doll flick

Juliana Cruz, Reporter

October 24, 2017

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Movies

“Cult of Chucky” has hit the theaters, and if you’re a fan, then keep reading. “Cult of Chucky” is a sequel to "Curse of Chucky." Now Chucky is also known as Charles Lee Ray in the famous Child's Play movies. He was a ...

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