Picture Make-up Day on August 16

Lifetouch will be on campus to take student ID and yearbook photos.


Lifetouch will be on campus on August 16 to take student make-up photos for IDs and the yearbook.

For Colton High School students who missed photo day during July’s registration, the opportunity for make-up is coming on Tuesday, August 16. During this time, students will get their ID photos taken. These photos will also be used in this year’s yearbook.

Make-up photos will take place all day on Tuesday in the McIntosh Gym. Students of all grades who did not get their ID pictures taken are urged to do so with Lifetouch’s photographers. 

Freshman will have their photos taken during P.E. class; sophomores during world history; juniors during US history; and seniors during their POD/Econ class. 

Students who are not in the listed class for their grade level (for example, freshmen who do not have PE), will receive further information about taking their picture before school or during their lunch via the school bulletin and QCommunicator.