WHITE NIGHT is Taeyang’s new contribution to the K-pop genre

Juliana Cruz, Reporter

Are you interested in any K-pop? Yes, then keep reading. Recently singer/songwriter, well known as Taeyang, released his 1st mini album, White Night, after 3 years since his last solo album. He released this album on the 16th of August. Now a little background. Taeyang or Dong Young-bae, is part of a well known group called Big Bang. This band consist of four other members. He debuted in 2006 as a member. He previously debuted as a rapper in 2002 but this time, in the band, he is a singer and dancer. He is part of a company called YG. This company is known for having a hip hop type of feel. He started training at YG when was just 12. Now he is 29 years old and the main vocalist of a group. Very different then when people first found out about him.

This album is just his taste. He mixes it with slow and fast tempo songs. The album cover is very beautiful. It has pictures of different flowers and looks sort of like a painting. This album has 8 tracks. Each track is about 3 minutes each.

All these songs are a mix of upbeat and slow tempo songs. For example, Darling and Empty Road are more of a slow love song type. They make you move a little. Amazin’ and Naked are more of upbeat songs. They build up and keep you anticipating for the beat to drop.

“Ride,” “Wake Me Up,” and “Tonight” have more of a slowish kind of feel. “Ride” and “Wake Me Up” are the build up songs. They make you want to move and dance. However, the songs are still slow in a sense. “Tonight” is more of a jazzy type of feel. It’s like a slow song but has a little more beat. Plus there is a rapper, Zico, who makes a feature. (He is also a well known artist.)

If you like any songs that are upbeat or make you move a little, then this album is for you. Personally I know Taeyang but I wouldn’t consider myself a fan. I really like his music and suggest it. However, if this isn’t for you it’s all good. Maybe you can find something else in K-pop that grabs your attention. I highly recommend this album to anyone who would want to listen to it.