Troye Sivan’s New Singles Shows a Different Side to his Fans

Kimberly Castellanos, Reporter

Troye Sivan’s “My My My!” Cover

Just recently, singer, Troye Sivan has released a new single called My My My with a new music video. The twenty two year old Australian singer also released a single called The Good Side right after My My My which had a turn in moods. The first song showed a lot more positivity compared to his last album songs on The Blue Neighborhood which told stories of his youth. He let himself be more vulnerable in My My My.

Troye Sivan’s “The Good Side” Cover

But with The Good Side the lyrics clearly show he had been apologizing to an ex-lover, “But I sympathise, And I recognise, And baby, I apologise, That I got the good side, The good side of things.” This showed much more exposure to Troye’s recent relationship and how he really felt for his ex. It doesn’t seem as much of a surprise to anyone because of how Troye has always been a sweet boy since his young youtube years when he first began.

When Troye had released his first EPs he showed love and sadness but had later changed his style in music to more upbeat pop and grew with being active and never really filtering anything to his fans.