The “NCT 127: Cherry Bomb” Review

Stephania Malagon, Reporter

The group, NCT 127, or subunit of NCT had their most successful album released this June. It peaked at #2 on Gaon, you could say this is equivalent to the ITunes chart. The album has 9 songs and the overall feel is hip hop and pop.

The title track is “Cherry Bomb,” this song was very popular but it was hard to take at first. It begins with them singing, “palli palli pihae right Cherry Bomb feel it yum,” multiple times then repeating “I’m the biggest hit” so it wasn’t the easiest to listen to for the first time. The first impression is confusion but is very catchy. The composition is good too, they used sounds that were liked a lot by the public.

The second song, “Running 2 U,” is very good. The chorus isn’t for everyone though, it might not suit everyone’s taste. It’s a smooth, slow song but then the chorus comes on and it gets exciting. Two members of NCT 127 also participated in the song writing process, the two members Taeyong and Mark.  

The next song is “0 mile” which is a song I would consider funky and subtly cute. 0 mile is also the b-side track. This song is definitely a crowd pleaser for the most part, it’s very funky and chill, it’s easy on the ears.

“Sun and Moon” is the “slow song” of the album. This track doesn’t include all the members, it includes the members with vocalist positions in the group such as Taeil, Doyoung, and Jaehyun. As this is a slower song, it is easy on the ears. It’s a nice and delicate song.

The 5th track on the album, “Whiplash,” is very popular amongst fans. This song might remind you of hip hop mixed with pop vibes. It’s a song that can be considered “lit” or one you can get excited to, it’s a song that will get you energized in the morning because its also not too rough on the ears but it also is nice.

The last track on the album, “Summer 127,” is a good last track on the album. This song is also funky and arguably the most energizing song on the album alongside the title track. It starts at an average pace, it slows down, then it speeds up, etc so you pay attention to the song more.