Khalid’s new EP shows similarities of “American Teen”

Bianca Roman, Reporter

After a year of the release of “American Teen,”  Khalid released a new EP, “Suncity,” on October 19th. Khalid represents his hometown El Paso in this new EP with the title, because El Paso is known as the sun city. The EP has seven tracks, out of those seven tracks five are songs and two are audios. The EP starts off with “9.13”, which is an audio of the mayor of El Paso handing Khalid the key to the city. After that it leads into “Vertigo” a song about him explaining how his life is a mess and he is questioning a lot of things at the moment. After that, there’s track number three: “Saturday Nights,” in this song he is trying to get across a memory he has with someone and is trying to tell that someone that he cares a lot about them even more than her parents will ever to make it clear to her. Track number four is, “Salem’s Interlude” this is a dialogue. Track five is “Motion”, this is about him being in love with the moment he is having with someone else. At the end, the lyrics talk about nothing feeling better than that moment, which leads in to Track six. “Better” is a single released before the EP, but he uses it as a way to continue the story from the previous song “Motion”. Finally track seven is “Suncity” with has a feature with Empress Of. This song has a mix of English and Spanish, which the lyrics mention to take him back to ciudad de sol which translates to city of the sun. Khalid was saying to take him back to El Paso because there will always be a part of him still there. Overall the EP had a bit of similarities to “American Teen” but also stood out on the way the lyrics and tracks were set up.