Billie Eilish releases debut album after three years in the industry

Bianca Roman, Reporter

Billie Eilish is a young singer from Los Angeles California, that has become very famous over the past 3 years. She first released her debut single “Ocean Eyes” in 2016 when she was only 14 years old. On August 11th of 2017, Eilish released her first EP “Don’t Smile At Me”. Some of her most recognized songs are “Idontwannabeyouanymore”, “Bellyache”, and “Copycat”. The EP was produced by herself and her older brother, Finneas O’Connell. Eilish also collaborated with the singer, Khalid on the song “Lovely.” She had not released a full album at that point still. She kept releasing some more songs but no one knew that she was leading it up to her debut album. Almost a month before the release of her debut album she said to fans on social media that her first album, “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?” was going to be released on March 29th of 2019. Fans were very excited to hear this as she has never had a full album. Some were also a bit scared to see the cover of the album. As for where it’s a bit different to her EP cover, on the cover of the album she has these scary all white eyes and eerie smile. However, this is nothing new to her style when it comes to music. Eilish has also stated in many interviews that horror movies are her inspiration for her music video concepts.

             The first track on the album is “!!!!!!!”, it is only 14 seconds long and it is an audio clip of her saying that she has taken out her Invisalign and that this is the album followed by her and her brother laughing. The second track is “bad guy” which is talking about how the title says, she is the bad guy and she lets people believe that they can control her but she is in control of everything. The next day after the album was released, Eilish released a music video for “bad guy” which fit her concept very well. The third track is “xanny”.  This song explains to the listener that’s Eilish is hanging other people who aren’t usually sober, whether they are smoking marijuana, drinking, or doing other drugs; she is still around them. She also makes it clear that she doesn’t need any of those drugs or alcohol to feel better. Then on to the next track is “You should see me in a Crown”, this song actually came out way before the album was even announced. It also has a music video, where Eilish is wearing a crown with spiders on her face. The fifth track is “all good girls go to hell”. This song is more on Eilish’s creepy concept. She also features a lot of biblical references in this song. The next track is “wish you were gay”, this song got a lot of backlash when it was first released. People were very upset about the title and felt it was inappropriate. Eilish had said in interviews that she is not trying to offend anyone or make anyone feel uncomfortable and that she had written it for a guy that she liked but he did not like her, so she wished that he just had a different preference and it wasn’t because of her. The next track is “when the party’s over”, which actually was also released before the album. This song is more on the sadder aspect of the album along with a few other songs. She here explains to the listener that she is constantly there for a certain person but that person only calls her when they’re lonely. Moving on from that, track eight is “8”. This song has some parts were she has no autotune but most of it does and it sounds like a young child. Next is “my strange addiction”, a lot of her fans liked this song for the way it fits her vocals and also that she sampled audio clips from the tv show The Office. This song flowed nicely onto track ten “bury a friend”, which also was released before the album and has a music video. This was one of her creepiest music videos and song. It also actually had the lyric “when we all fall asleep, where do we go?” which is the title of the album. Track eleven is “ilomilo”, Eilish had said in interviews that she named it after one of her favorite games she used to play when she was younger. Next is “listen before I go”, this song is one of her songs that goes on the sadder aspect of her style of music. This song was unofficially released a while ago but not as recognized as other songs. The next track is “I love you”, another one of her slower and sad songs off of the album. In this song, someone confessed to her that they love her but she wants it to be a lie and she knows she loves them back but doesn’t want to. Almost as if she was afraid of being in love and being loved by that person. The final track is “goodbye” which is a mixture of all the songs off of the album. Although it was not like her EP, it was still very good. It flowed very nicely from song to song even if some had more of an upbeat than others. I also liked that she wrote it with just her brother and how he was included at the beginning of the album. Overall I liked her first album.