Ariana Grande’s, Thank U, Next, teaches self love to young fans

Jocelyn Larios, Reporter

Thank U, Next was dropped on the 3rd of November. This song broke the internet on all social media platforms. Everyone was also talking about it around Colton High. But what does the song mean? She starts the song saying how she dated different people and how they did not work out. She also goes on to say that she wishes she could thank Malcolm a.k.a Mac Miller, for being an angel. Before the line she does say she thanks Pete for being himself.

She goes on to say in the song that each and every person she was with taught her something new and the song is a “thank you.” She no longer has to worry about anything because she isn’t with anyone so when she goes out with her friends she no longer worries about things. Then she says “plus I met someone else” so at this point in the song everyone thinks she moved on way to quickly but then she goes of to say it’s Ari; showing that she doesn’t need a man nor does she want one at the moment. She is happy with herself and with how strong she is about everything she’s gone through.

As one of ariana grande’s fans and supporters this song is by far the best song that she’s dropped to symbolize what she’s been through. She shows all of us that we will make mistakes while in a relationships and we have to be thankful for our past because it builds us as people and help us grow.