Glenn Travis’ new song “Feel My Love” is an aural delight

Glenn Travis' new song

Jessikah Ybarra, Reporter

Glenn Travis is new artist who just released a new single on August 26, 2017. Travis had recently released an album earlier in the year, but once this song released he went viral.

Many people know this song due to the fact that two Youtubers, Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz (the Ace Family), use the beginning of the song in their introduction. In the first part of the song Travis says “someone told me love was only in the movies, don’t exist in real life these days” I thought that this was a beautiful statement because it seems like nowadays the best type of love is only found in a movie but with he had found a girl and he feels like he’s in a movie because of the love he has for this girl. This specific girl had showed him “anything is possible if you want it bad enough” he wanted this girl so much he was holding on tight to their love and he wasn’t letting go. Travis is truly an amazing artist if you’re looking for a new song to listen to this would be the one.