NCT Dream releases ‘We Young’


Stephania Malagon, Reporter

 The group NCT Dream (a subunit of NCT), recently released their first mini-album called We Young. With NCT gaining more and more popularity, their first songs might be overshadowed such as the ones on the single album My First and Last.

My First and Last single album contain three songs unless you also include the Chinese versions of them in it. The songs are: “My First and last”, “Chewing gum”, and “Dunk shot”.

“My First and last” is a song that shows their maturity more compared to “Chewing gum” and “Dunk shot”. “My First and last” is about a young boy/teen experiencing his first crush. The song is very sweet but more innocent with some EDM, the composition is great. The way the members sing it is sure to have you dancing on your feet as well.

The song, “Dunk shot”, was a remake of the 90’s “Dunk shot” by Kim Kwangjin. This song was about finally making a dunk shot in basketball so the song is very innocent and cheerful. NCT Dream did not necessarily remake the song exactly but they added their own twist to suit their style. The result was great, they added a rap by the member Mark that suited NCT Dream’s style but it also went with the original song. This song is so innocent and it just has feel-good vibes, it makes you feel nostalgic but also it lifts your mood to a mellow one.

“Chewing gum” was their first single. As NCT Dream’s average age is 17, which is very young compared to other idols, this song suited them very well, especially since they look younger than their actual age. At the time, the member Jaemin was with them (he stopped being in the group due to health problems). This song was very innocent and it was very bubblegum pop, the music video was odd but it was very colorful so you played attention more and the colors and effects suited their age group well. The song has certain sounds which add to the innocent vibe of the song, and the way they performed the song added to their youthfulness.