K-pop group EXO shine with new CD “The War”

Stephania Malagon, Reporter

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Recently the K-pop group EXO released their 4th studio album The War (July 18). With EXO making major waves in the music industry with this new album, an album review was needed. EXO debuted in 2012 with their “MAMA” EP, then rose to fame with their Wolf album then Growl repackaged album. Now they have become one of the top groups in the K-pop industry with having sold various merchandise accumulating to over 8 million dollars.

The War  is EXO’s 4th studio album with 9 tracks: 1. The Eve, 2. Kokobop, 3. What U do, 4. Forever, 5. Diamond, 6. Chill, 7. Touch it, 8. Walk on Memories, and 9. Going Crazy.

“The Eve” is a very chill song, the song has certain sounds that aren’t used often in K-pop sounds so it was refreshing in a way. The member’s vocals were of course very good with them focusing more on technique than vibrato and using more of a head voice. There was also a good balance of voices with some members having deep voices and others having lighter voices. In some parts of the song, there are also sounds of trumpet or a cousin of the trumpet in the background that gives the climax that is needed in songs to be catchy.

“Kokobop”, the title track, is basically about believing in yourself, to not be afraid of doing certain things, to trust yourself. Although the music video doesn’t portray that as much, the members can be seen embracing their other worldly abilities in the music video and manipulating objects and forces at times. It is believed that the music video takes place in older times as the members’ “powers” are not as great in earlier music videos(many fans think it’s because of a certain theory regarding parallel universes and time reversal). “Kokobop” was very popular amongst fans and even non fans of EXO with it even sparking the “Kokobop challenge.” The song gives off mild reggae vibes despite the genre not being very popular in s.korea, the song was very welcomed. “Kokobop” isn’t a song you’ll like on first listen but after a few times, you’ll find yourself singing “It’s about to go go” wherever you may be.

The third song on the album, “What U do,” has a more funky yet modern sound that has happy vibes, it’s a song that will get you in a happy mood. The instrumentals of the song goes well with the lyrics, the vocals don’t portray as much the feelings in the lyrics but the instrumentals do. This song also has a sound that has been popular in the K-pop scene as well.

“Forever,” the 4th song on the album, is a fan favorite and it’s understandable as to why it is. “Forever” is a very emotional song but in a hip way. Many of the members’ vocals are showed off here despite there being no high notes. Although the song is not the strongest track, after hearing it once or twice, you’ll find yourself wanting to listen to it on repeat due to it having such addictive vocals and instrumentals.  

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