Hungry Yellowjackets get back in the win column at just the right time

Girls soccer defeats Kaister 1-0 in the opening match of the San Andreas league tournament


Johanna Cabrera

Alyssa Ramirez makes her move towards the goal in Colton’s 1-0 victory over Kaiser on Jan. 27.

Colton, CA—The lady Yellowjackets ended their six game losing streak on Friday night with a 1-0 win against Kaiser High School in the first game of the San Andreas league tournament.

Going into this game Colton needed a win to keep their season alive. Colton’s offense maintained possession for most of the night, giving Adalyn Moreno a chance to score with 37 minutes left in the first half.

Colton held possession of the match until the game started to get physical and player Marina Elkins was injured and in need of stitches. The game was stopped and she was carried off the field by head coach Manuel Flores.  

Despite the physical play, the second half of the match ended with the score still 1-0. Both teams had multiple shots on goal. 

Colton kicked off the second half on the attack, clearly hungry for another goal. Kaiser woke up after a brutal yelling from their coach. A few minutes into the half, both teams made several attempts on goal including a close call by freshman Alyssa Ramirez as she dribbled from the 30-yard line, past Kaiser’s defense and slightly missing the goal. 

The match was very back and forth, with both teams almost scoring five times with 15 minutes left. Kaiser fought tooth and nail to score, but Colton’s defense kept them in check. With every attempt Kaiser made on goal, there was Joleena Silberman to back up her defense. 

After the 1-0 victory, the lady Yellowjackets came off the field relieved, but also prepared to keep this streak going into Monday’s tournament game at Arroyo Valley High School. Varsity game time starts at 5:30 p.m.