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Castillo shines in first swim meet of season

The small team drops their first meet to Moreno Valley, 75-30, but has much to build on
Elijah Goodman
August Castillo is cheered on by her team as she makes her turn in the 100 breaststroke.

Bloomington, CA—As they dive into this new season, Colton’s swim team begins small, but tough. Without a boys team, and with only four female swimmers, they took on a larger Moreno Valley team.

Unsurprisingly, the result was a 75-30 loss to Moreno Valley, but in an individual sport like swimming, the meet was not without its bright spots.

August Castillo had a strong start to her season, taking first place in the 100 breaststroke with a time of 1:35.34, a good five second ahead of the field. Castillo also took second in the 100 freestyle (1:12.43).

Isabella Romo showed promise, taking second in the 100 butterfly, coming in at 2:08.60.

The team is still looking for swimmers, both boys and girls. Check with Coach Reh, Colton’s athletic director for more details about how to join swimming.

Meet Results

200 Medley Relay

1st – Moreno Valley (J. Watson, C. Houston, C. Guerrero, S. Ramirez): 2:36.16
2nd – Colton (A. Duke, A. Castillo, I. Romo, A. Rios): 3:10.62

200 Freestyle

1st – Shirley Ramirez (MV): 2:43.28
2nd – Jasmin Watson (MV): 3:14.57

200 Individual Medley

1st – Chelsea Guerrero (MV): 3:17.79

50 Freestyle

1st – Charis Houston (MV): 30.21
2nd – Selah Aleyne-Ramirez (MV): 32.19
3rd – Alexa Chavez (MV): 35.25
4th – Isabella Romo (C): 35.78
5th – Asia Rios (C): 38.19

100 Butterfly

1st – Charis Houston (MV): 1:27.12
2nd – Isabella Romo (C): 2:08.60

100 Freestyle

1st – Shirley Ramirez (MV): 1:11.25
2nd – August Castillo (C): 1:12.43
3rd – Selah Aleyne-Ramirez (MV): 1:15.72
4th – Alexa Chavez (MV): 1:22.78
5th – Asia Rios (C): 1:30.06
6th – Alyssa Duke (C): 2:07.33

200 Freestyle Relay

1st – Moreno Valley (C. Houston, S. Ramirez, S. Aleyne-Ramirez, J. Watson): 2:15.06
2nd – Colton (I. Romo, A. Rios, A. Duke, A. Castillo): 2:41.44

100 Backstroke

1st – Jasmin Watson (MV): 1:42.40
2nd – Alyssa Duke (C): 2:49.66

100 Breaststroke

1st – August Castillo (C): 1:35.34
2nd – Chelsea Guerrero (MV): 1:40.81
3rd – Elizabeth Ramirez (MV): 1:43.72

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