Colton shows huge fight against top ranked Carter, falls 70-12

Duran wins and five Yellowjackets take the championship-caliber Lions past the first round at dual meet


Pablo Castelan doesn’t let Carter’s Anthony Zuniga intimidate.

Rialto, CA—The match was over and Yellowjacket Wrestling team was huddled together, licking their wounds after losing 70-12 to Carter High School. Then assistant coach Jess Duran spoke, and said everything the team needed to hear.

“They won the matches today, but they could not break your spirit.”

Carter High, its gymnasium lined with wrestling championship banners, lived up to its billing as the best team in the Sunkist League, winning 11 of 12 varsity matches. However, Colton’s young squad entered their gym with no fear of their host’s record, past or present.

“They didn’t care what their [Carter’s] ranking was,” Head Coach Andrew Castro said after the game about his team’s mindset going into the match. “They didn’t care that it was their Senior Night. They didn’t care how the outcome was. Every single one of them still has a smile on their face, ready to fight tomorrowready to fight right now.” 

In the 145-lb. weight division, Joseph Duran won his match against Sereywathanak Chea by first round pin. The rest of the team pushed the Lions, with five of the matches going past the first round.

Duran was excited about his team’s showing overall. “Though few of them actually won, I saw a lot of improvement. A lot of improvement. This is definitely one of the harder schools we face, and we put up a fight during every match.”

In addition to winning his bout at against Carter, last weekend, Duran participated in the Battle for the Belt tournament in Temecula Valley. “It’s definitely one of the harder tournaments in the state,” he said. Top ranked wrestlers made appearances, and Duran placed seventh overall, an excellent showing for Colton’s captain.

In the Girls’ division, Crystal Torres finally got to see a match against Carter’s Victoria Requena. The match ended in a first round pin for Requena, leaving Torres disappointed, but satisfied with her aggressive start.

“I wrestled this girl before at Blackwatch,” said Torres, “so I knew I would have to come in aggressive, but unfortunately she came in a little more aggressive than I did this time.” 

During their match, Torres had her contact lenses knocked out. “I was on the bottom and tried to turn in to her, and then her elbow hit my contacts out,” she laughed.

On the JV side, freshman Aiden Arroyo won his first match of the season against Carter’s Anthony Chavez by first round pin. Arroyo was grinning from ear to ear after the match.

“In the beginning it was a bit rough,” Arroyo said, “but in the end, after I learned a bit of his movement, I was able to find his weak spot, trip him up on it, and get the win.” As the ref raised his hand in victory, he was thinking about how much he just wanted to “scream.”

The wrestling team returns to the mat on Wednesday for a showdown with Bloomington High School at Hubbs Gym as make-up for an earlier canceled match.



JV defeated by Carter, 30-6

132 weight class
Cesar Loera defeated by Josue Aguilar by pin in 2nd round

145 weight class
Aiden Arroyo defeats Anthony Chavez by pin in the 1st round

160 weight class
Edwin Agustin defeated by Diego Mendoza by pin in 1st round
Edwin Agustin defeated by Ryan Uriostegui by pin in the 3rd round

182 weight class
Myles Garza defeated by Pablo Zavala by pin in 2nd round

195 weight class
Isaac Villanueva defeated by Dylan Clark by pin in the 1st round


Varsity Girls defeated by Carter, 60-0

106 weight class
Laura Perez (Carter) wins by forfeit

111 weight class
Kelly Gamboa (Carter) wins by forfeit

121 weight class
Gabriella Gonzalez (Carter) wins by forfeit

126 weight class
Makynna Leopp (Carter) wins by forfeit

137 weight class
Fernanda Moreno (Carter) wins by forfeit

143 weight class
Amanda Martinez (Carter) wins by forfeit

152 weight class
Kaitlyn Saucedo (Carter) wins by forfeit

160 weight class
Crystal Torres defeated by Victoria Requena by pin in 1st round

170 weight class
Isabella Sinclair (Carter) wins by forfeit


Varsity Boys defeated by Carter, 70-12

106 weight class
Camron Sullivan (Carter) wins by forfeit

126 weight class
Jose Ramirez defeated by Luis Solis by pin in 2nd round
Adrian Colunga wins by forfeit

132 weight class
Jesus Castillo defeated by David Perez by pin in the 1st round

138 weight class
Pablo Castelan defeated by Anthony Zuniga by technical fall in the 1st round

145 weight class
Joseph Duran defeats Sereywathanak Chea by pin in the 1st round

152 weight class
Jacob Zuniga defeated by Bryant Avila by technical fall in the 2nd round

160 weight class
Gael Parada defeated by Robert Tolento by pin in the 1st round

170 weight class
Abeal Sanchez defeated by Adan Hernandez by pin in the 1st round

182 weight class
Daniel Vega defeated by Angel Hernandez by pin in the 1st round

195 weight class
Jonathan Hernandez defeated by Josiah Guerra by pin in the 1st round

220 weight class
Santino Zamora defeated by Marquez Hernandez by pin in the 2nd round

285 weight class
Adam Sanchez defeated by Brandon Bedke by decision in 3rd round