Lady Yellowjackets lose home opener to Coachella Valley, 43-16

Madison Barrera scores team high 14 points in game marked by turnovers


Madison Barrera pushes past the Coachella Valley defender for two of her team high 14 points. It wasn’t enough, as the Yellowjackets lost 43-16.

Colton CA—Fresh off their first victory of the season against Pacific High on Thursday, Friday night the Lady Yellowjackets had a let down of a performance against the Coachella Valley Arabs, losing 43-16.

The back-to-back games, combined with the hyper aggressive play of Coachella Valley resulted in a game dominated by turnovers and winded players.

Not even the play of star center Madison Barrera, who scored 14 of the Yellowjacket’s 16 points could put a dent in the Coachella Valley attack.

“We started off pretty strong,” Barrera said after the game. “Everyone was hustling, but we had a lot of turnovers and that caused everyone to get their head down.”

“We just need to get more . . . buff, and make the stronger passes. They were getting the weak passes tonight.”

The Yellowjackets started off the game strong, building an early 4-0 lead, but then the turnovers started. On their next seven possessions, Colton lost the ball, and Coachella Valley went into the second quarter with a 14-6 advantage. In the second quarter, they expanded their lead, holding Colton to three points, and ended the half up 22-9.

The second half of the game was never in question as Coachella kept expanding their lead and Colton kept adding to the turnover stats.

“We came in on a victory from the night before, and I think they were still living on the win,” head coach Keisha Owens said. “That’s okay. It’s a young squad. With only one returning varsity player, the rest of these girls either didn’t play basketball at all, or they were on the freshman team two years ago.”

“The talent is still growing. It’s only the third game in. We still have 17 games to go.”

The girls’ basketball team takes the Thanksgiving week off, then returns to square off against Entrepreneur High at home on December 1.