NBA Lottery determines new order of drafts this season

Jesse Gonzales, Reporter

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On May 15th, the NBA Lottery took place. This is what determines the order for the teams in the NBA Draft. This year is very anticipated by the fans because lots of talent is coming from college to the league this year, more than past years.

The Top 10 picks in the draft will be:

  1. Phoenix
  2. Sacramento
  3. Atlanta
  4. Memphis
  5. Dallas
  6. Orlando
  7. Chicago
  8. Cleveland
  9. New York
  10. Philadelphia

This draft will be very interesting because playoff teams such as Cleveland and Philadelphia are in the top 10, even though they are very much talented already. The NBA Draft takes place on June 21st, and we will be able to see who the talented, young players are going to be playing for. Make sure to tune in.

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