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Lebron James takes the MVP award, All Star Weekend 2018

Jesse Gonzalez, Reporter

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In the NBA All Star Weekend this past weekend, lots of events took place in Los Angeles. It seemed to be a pretty good weekend for the NBA.

   On the first day of the weekend, Friday, the NBA Celebrity game took place. This event included Justin Bieber, Quavo, Jamie Foxx, and more participating in it. The teams were Clippers vs Lakers since it was in Los Angeles this year. The game went well and entertained most of the crown. Team Clippers ended up winning. The MVP of the game went to Quavo, as he was the obvious most dominant player out there.

 On NBA All Star Saturday Night, the events held on Saturday were the 3 point contest and Dunk Contest. The 3 point contest was first and the final round, between Devin Booker from the Phoenix Suns and Klay Thompson from the Warriors. Going into the final round many people thought Klay would take the trophy home since he is known to be one of the very best shooters in the league. But that was changed when Booker got a score of 28 and Thompson couldn’t top it. Booker was the 3 point champion. Next was the dunk contest and the final round was Larry Nance Jr vs Donovan Mitchell. Both players did a lot to get to the final round, Mitchell seemed to do more in the final round to the judges, and he won.

      On Sunday, it was the all star game itself. This year, the format changed from West vs  East to Team Lebron vs Team Curry. It was obviously for the better, as the game was very interesting and very close. For once the players actually tried their hardest out there and it made for a great game. After a long 3 quarters, Team Curry was leading but Team Lebron managed to come right back. They then managed to keep the lead and made a comeback to win the game. The MVP award later went out to Lebron James.

     This is what happened over All Star Weekend 2018.

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Lebron James takes the MVP award, All Star Weekend 2018