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Alabama Crimsons takes third consecutive national championship

Adolfo Madrigal, Reporter

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  The Alabama Crimsons have done it again, winning 3 straight national championships in a row with an incredible win-loss ratio this year, with only 1 loss and 13 wins. That right there sounds like an undefeatable team.

The Crimson’s final game was against the Georgia Bulldogs. It was indeed a tough game for both teams but, Alabama took the winning score of 26-23. Throughout their season, Alabama had made winning look easy, as they’ve been running down the opposing teams like nothing. Until this last game, the Bulldogs put up a fight against the Crimsons because it was a real close game. The Bulldogs were ahead throughout the entire game until the 4th quarter then, Alabama snuck up to tie the game and take it to overtime twice.

So now that Alabama has proven that they are one of the best teams in the NCAA we shall see if they’ll take another win in this years season.

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Alabama Crimsons takes third consecutive national championship