Highly anticipated NFL schedule finally released

Jesse Gonzales, Reporter

The NFL recently released the 2017 schedule. There are a lot of games to look forward to and it also looks like it will be a good season.

The Thursday Night games seem to be the most highlighted and anticipated games of the upcoming season. Some of the games on Thursday to look forward to are Chiefs vs Patriots (Week 1), Giants vs Cowboys (Week 2), Super Bowl Rematch with the Falcons vs Patriots (Week 7), Patriots vs Broncos (Week 10), Cowboys vs Raiders (Week 16). These Thursday Night games will seem to be the most anticipated games.

Other games that are also going to be good are,Panthers vs Patriots (Week 4), Rams vs Cowboys (Week 4), Packers vs Cowboys (Week 5), Patriots vs Raiders (Week 11), and Patriots vs Steelers (Week 16).

With these games being said, the NFL season in 2017-2018 will look to be very exciting and good. Also it will be cool to see the new players from free agency in their new uniform in action. Also it will be cool to see the top picks from the draft in action.

Some of the top players to see in their new teams are; Adrian Peterson (Saints), Marshawn Lynch (Raiders), Eddie Lacy (Seahawks), Jamaal Charles (Broncos), Brandon Marshall (Giants), Brandin Cooks (Patriots). These players were at one time some of the best players in the whole NFL. We will see if they can bring life to their new teams.

We should all be looking forward to this upcoming season.