Cavez Jr vs Canelo – biggest disappointment since Mayweather & Pacquiao?

Erick Inzunza, Reporter

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Argentinian boxer Lucas Matthysse (38-4-0), knocked out Emmanuel Taylor (20-4-0), in the fifth round at 147 pounds. Matthysse came back from a broken eye socket, when he was knocked out by Viktor Postol (27-0) in October of 2015. Matthysse is known for his power and accuracy, especially when he faced off against Lamont Peterson (31-1-1), Ruslan Provodnikov (24-3-0) and John Molina Jr. (27-3-0). It’s good to see Matthysse back in the ring, after almost a 2 year break from boxing. Trainer Joel Diaz, has him focused and mentally ready for his next opponent.

Canadian boxer, David Lemieux (38-3-0), dominates Marco Reyes (35-4-0) and wins by Unanimous Decision, after reaching the final bell. Lemieux came into this bout, knocking out Curtis Stevens (29-5-0), two months ago. Lemieux dominated this bout, even knocking Reyes’s mouth piece out.

Boxing’s biggest disappointment since Pacquiao vs Mayweather in 2015. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (48-1-1), faces off against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (50-2-1). Though Chavez is 4 inches taller than Alvarez and has 2 more inches of reach, Alvarez dominated the fight. Literally. Alvarez won every single round from the first, to last bell. Alvarez landed way more punches, than Chavez. Alvarez would literally stand against the ropes and Chavez would throw a punch or two. Even with Alvarez throwing his punches as hard as he can, he wasn’t able to knockout Chavez. This was Chavez’s only fight to redeem himself, and his father’s name. Not only did Chavez let down his fans, but he let down boxing fans for putting minimum effort to the fight.

Immediately after the fight, Canelo announced his official fight with undefeated Gennady “GGG” Golovkin, (37-0-0), with a Golovkin ring entrance in which both fighters introduced the fight and promised a “real Mexican boxing fight.” Hopefully this bout isn’t such a let down as Chavez’s poor performance with Alvarez. As to Chavez Jr., his father wants him to keep fighting at light heavyweight, but nothing is certain as to Chavez’s road after this upsetting fight.

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