NFL Offseason comes out Hot with Major Moves

Jesse Gonzales, Reporter

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This NFL Offseason has not been going on for long, but this has sure been a very active Offseason this year. Some of the biggest names at their positions have been re-signed, or have been signed​ to a brand new team.

   One of the biggest and earliest moves that went down was by the New York Giants. The team made the move to pair the sensation Odell Beckham Jr. with another elite wide receiver, Brandon Marshall. Marshall came from the other New York team, the Jets. He struggled​ getting the ball last year with quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick. Expect Marshall to have a better season this year because he will have Eli Manning as quarterback and an improvement for offense.

   The Eagles then looked to ​improve their rather young offense by adding a couple talented receivers. They first went after and signed the former Bears receiver, Alshon Jeffery. This move will definitely add some talent to this Eagles​ team and hopefully help them out. The next move by the Eagles was the addition of former 49ers receiver, Torrey Smith. Smith will add some veteran experience.

2017 Champions then made a big move and added an elite wide receiver to their team to just make their team even more impressive. They traded for Brandin Cooks. The addition of Cooks should help them out to bring their team to an even better level than they were at with their receiving squad from last season. Be on the lookout for Brady and Cooks to team up quite often next season.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers then also added a speedy receiver ​to their offense. They added Desean Jackson. The duo of Desean Jackson, Jameis Winston, and Mike Evans should be a fun thing to see next season. Hopefully Jackson could help out Winston with his great deep throwing ability, since he is very well known for catching the long ball. Another great thing about this deal is that Winston has another weapon finally since he has only had Mike Evans for a while now.

   The Seahawks then added a much needed running back.They added former Packer, Eddie Lacy. Since the loss of Marshawn Lynch, when he retired, the Seahawks haven’t really found someone to fill his shoes. With this new addition to their backfield, the Seahawks will look to fill those empty shoes and start off next season good and with a bang.

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