Drama Club returns to CHS with plans to entertain

Thespian group meets to discuss plans for small performance in April


Misael Terriquez

Drama Club met for first time in two years on Feb. 17, 2022. Featured in the image are, from left to right: Sherlyn Lara, Luis Ceja, Samantha Jimenez, Natalie Padilla, Daniel Ramos, Juan Terriquez, David Jimenez, Ms. Sarah Hantuli

Colton, CA—After a two-year hiatus, the Drama Club met yesterday in room 101 to discuss plans for the back half of the 2021-22 school year.

Eleven students, all passionate about acting, came to the after school meeting, hosted by adviser, Ms. Sarah Hantuli.

With the current school year almost over, Hantuli is looking to put on a respectable show. “As of right now I think we might put on a show in April,” she said. “Puppets. So we can get used to the spotlight and feel more comfortable.”

Hantuli is a first-year teacher at Colton High, taking over the Drama program from beloved CHS teacher and director, Jan Aldrich, who retired at the end of the 2020-21 year.

“I was hired later in the year, about a month into school,” shared Hantuli. “I wasn’t really sure if I should be creating a club so early.”

Turns out, even after losing the dramatic productions for a year during the pandemic lockdown, the demand for a club remained.

“I want to become an actor, and I think this will help a lot,” shared sophomore Samantha Jimenez. “Also, I just wanna have fun.”

Daniel Ramos, a junior, is excited for the club’s return. “I wanted to get more acting-based help, and this seemed like a lot of fun since I wanna be on Broadway.”

Hantuli’s goal for the rest of the school year is to make students passionate about what they’re doing, whether it is working together, building props, or helping with the lights. She just wants us to put on a great show the group feels happy about.