Horror Club thrills members with streaming of “Malignant”


Carlos Lizardi

The CHS Horror Club met on Friday after school in room 64 to stream James Wan’s latest horror film, “Malignant” on HBO Max the day of release.

Joselyn Delgadillo, Pepper Bough Staff Writing

Colton, CA—Chills were felt Friday afternoon in room 64 as the Horror Club met to stream James Wan’s newest scarefest, “Malignant.”

The Horror Club has been meeting for two years to watch and talk about the “coolest” and “scariest” horror movies out there.

For the club’s first event this year, they chose to screen “Malignant,” the latest film by horror maestro James Wan whose previous movies “Saw,” “Insidious,” and “The Conjuring” have made him one of the most popular horror directors. Because of the movie’s R rating, students had to bring signed permission slips to participate. The movie was streamed using HBO Max.

Pizza and drinks were served at this event, which had a strong turnout of 20 students.

As for the movie, “Malignant” was an odd and interesting film, consisting of a lot of twists and turns of events. It had a huge shocker at the end. “Students enjoyed the first half of the movie more,” said club adviser, Jesus Delgado, sharing that the second half of the movie elicited a few giggles and some confusion.

Still this was an exciting event for the Horror Club, which meets every week in room 64. See Mr. Delgado for details.