Teacher Appreciation: Ms. Megan Kelley

Pepper Bough writer Elizabeth Hernandez shares how Ms. Meg has helped her with framing her future


J. Dollins

Ms. Meg Kelley and Pepper Bough staff writer Elizabeth Hernandez.

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. We have to recognize the teachers that have impacted students and created a comfortable place for them. I thought to myself who has made an impact on me. Now that I look back and think, the first person to come in mind is Ms. Meg Kelley.

Ms. Meg is the most passionate and intellectual person I have ever met, and that is very impactful for me in my medical services class.

Every Friday she makes us do a learning log about what we learned and if we have any questions about what we learned. I love that when she answers my questions, she gives me the best feedback and I get more interested in what we are learning.

When she is teaching, she likes to tell stories, which makes her lectures more interesting. And it’s even more funny when she makes everything more awkward and goes back to normal.

I love that she is very passionate about teaching because it makes me excited to one day be in the medical field. She gives lots of lessons on different careers so that we know what type of career we want, and I love that she asks for our thoughts on what careers we want to pursue.

She is a very guiding person; she guides students into helping them learn about their interests in the medical pathway, and learn about what it is like in the medical pathway.

Outside of class, Ms. Meg is the athletic trainer for CHS who gives students medical experience by letting students join her at games. The students that join her get to see how important her role is, and her impact on the field.

I love that I got all these experiences that have made a significant impact on my education and future life.