Teacher Appreciation: Ms. Diana Martinez

Pepper Bough writer Mark Rodriguez looks back at his middle school maths teacher and the impact she had on his life


Mark Rodriguez

Colton Middle maths teacher Diana Martinez and Pepper Bough staff writer Mark Rodriguez.

Though she may not be a teacher at Colton High School, Ms. Diana Martinez is one of my favorite teachers.

Ms. Martinez is one of Colton Middle Schools math teachers. She’s also one of the Web Crew coordinators at CMS. She is very well rounded in terms of personality. Sometimes she can be very fun and loose, and other times she can be pretty strict and firm.

She makes students feel very welcomed when first entering her class, and as time passes on and she starts to get to know everyone better, the environment changes into a more goofy setting with an occasionally humorous moment here and there.

Ms. Martinez is very helpful when it comes to students’ grades. She offers help whenever she feels it’s needed, also giving the occasional good advice when it comes to issues that can relate to inside or outside of school events making her very open and easy to talk to.

My favorite thing about Ms. Martinez is how understanding she is. For example, if you’re not feeling great that day she’d ask if you wanted to talk about it, or if you wanted to step outside and take a minute or two to calm down. When those words processed in my brain, that’s when I knew I would have a great time with her as my teacher.