Teacher Appreciation: Ms. Rosenda Gonzales

Pepper Bough writer Madison Torranto lets us know the ways in which Ms. Gonzales makes her students feel special


Damaris Coto

Ms. Rosenda Gonzales and Pepper Bough Staff Writer Madison Torranto.

Ms. Gonzales teaches Spanish and makes learning Spanish way more fun. At the beginning of the school year, I didn’t like learning Spanish at first.

That was until I was transferred into Ms. Gonzales’ class for 2nd semester. I really enjoy her teaching style. Her guidance has helped me better understand and want to learn Spanish more.

Ms. Gonzales is a really nice teacher; I’ve never seen her get mad. She explains the lessons thoroughly and takes the time to help students who are having trouble with them. I always look forward to her class at the end of the school day. She greets her students as they enter the classroom with a cheerful, “¡Buenos tardes!”

Although I’m quiet in her class, she never hesitates to check on me to make sure that I understand the lesson of the day. She is overall a kind teacher to have and that is why I think she deserves to be recognized during Teacher Appreciation Week!