Prom Court 2023: Pushing Herself to the Crown

Rather shy nominee Lesley Yanez talks about her future plans as a teacher and hopefully Prom Queen


Annaleigha Garcia

Lesley Yanez

Lesley Yanez doesn’t like when people are left out. That’s what makes her a true friend to anyone on campus. 

If things go according to plan, she’ll be on her way to claim the Prom Queen crown with her boyfriend Jesse Ortiz this Saturday night. 

They’ve been dating since their freshman year and have been working hard since those announcements over the intercom saying they made it to court, campaigning together and socializing to get their names out.

Lesley Yanez (Annaleigha Garcia)

Despite the great image and reputation she’s built for herself, Lesley struggles talking to people . . . she’s shy. But that doesn’t stop her from pushing herself out of her comfort zone. 

“I know how it feels sometimes being like that person left out, or being the person not included in conversations,” Lesley explains. “There’s almost always someone getting excluded or something and it’s just like, you either gotta step up and talk about it or no one’s gonna do nothing about it. So I tend to be the person to speak up on it.” 

Meeting new people is a bit of a struggle. She feels nervous meeting new people, and may even struggle trying to interact with people her own age. 

“Grade-wise, with kids my age, I didn’t socialize. I can’t socialize with people my age. But I can socialize with people younger than me, for some reason. Or older than me.”

Despite this hurdle in her way, she pushes through and makes a breakthrough like most challenges in her life. 

Lesley is in ASB and is the Historian for the National Honor Society, while juggling a job at Forever 21. Her extracurriculars have become a catalyst for her to connect better with her class and vice-versa. 

Lesley Yanez (Annaleigha Garcia)

Even though she’s unknowingly made a great connection to those around her, she still prefers to spend time with those younger than her. 

And that’s because she absolutely loves children. 

In fact, she wants to be an elementary school teacher when she gets older. Her favorite thing about children is that they can be brutally honest in everything they say and do to you when they want. 

It’s amusing and she loves the opportunities those types of interactions give her to help teach them and push them towards the right direction. 

“Like I think that’s what I like about them. Their personalities, I love how sometimes kids can be like very honest, some can be friendly, some can be shy.” 

Each kid’s different personalities and to help them grow, gives Lesley a calling that she just cannot refuse to answer, because it’s her passion. 

Nurturing others and helping them grow, is truly what she’s great at. And it’s what she does indirectly to the people around her, despite her truly shy manner, and works to make an environment where everybody is comfortable to learn and feel like they belong.