USDA being heavily criticized by the public for mistreatment

Brian Navarro, Reporter

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There’s a problem in a America with how we manage our livestock or even our furry pets sitting at home. The Agricultural Department of the United States of America has been harshly criticized on their malnourishment of pigs and ducks that were found injured and dehydrated. It does not stop there, research shows and outstanding amount of kittens and cats that have been euthanized and put to death just because they are roaming through the public roads. The cats were said to be in healthy condition but still yet they were put down for no viable reason. Studies on birds were also brought to light, many are being led to starvation and dying by the thousands. The incidents were all recorded at USDA laboratories, they have drawn heavy scrutiny to their name and the country as a whole. The USDA operates 41 agricultural research labs and say that the research and experiment they conduct are essential to their studies. That did not sit well with many people which is why the scandal is where it is at right now. In total 16 animal welfare violations were recorded in 10 USDA facilities around the nation. The deaths of these helpless animals doesn’t seem to be slowing. We must create a healthier way of conducting our research.

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