‘Magic Man’ Arturo Morelos connects students to the art of magic

The young magician shares about his love for the arcane art and where it came from


J. Dollins

Arturo Morelos, known around Colton High School as “The Magic Man,” is a young magician who leaves jaws agape with his remarkable sleight-of-hand.

Is there more to magic than meets the eye? Absolutely. When it comes to the magic of Arturo Morelos, it’s all about the passion.

Part of the class of 2022, Arturo is an aspiring magician. He loves to do magic for his friends and even earns a little money doing events and parties. His skills range from coin tricks, card tricks, to making things disappear and reappear. 

Arturo and his father pose for this photo before a Marching Band performance. (Courtesy Arturo Morelos)

He likes to please his audience, but also likes to have some fun for himself when performing. 

“I feel coin tricks are more fun for me,” Arturo says, “Though I feel with coins I can be more desceptive. I love card magic as well. And been doing card magic for longer” 

He looks forward to making peoples’ day with his magic tricks as well. Magic for him is a way to connect to others in a way not many can. 

“I do magic because I feel that if anyone’s going through a bad day and if I show them a magic trick they could spend more time amazed and more time focusing on being amazed then what they’re dealing with,” explains Arturo. “Helps me understand the person that I’m showing the magic trick to—helps me understand how something small could make a difference in someone’s eyes.”

Arturo’s passion for magic comes from his father and his grandfather. Arutro’s grandfather first introduced him to his first magic trick when he was a child. 

“He would undo his pocket inside-out and raise his arms up and the pocket would literally move back inside.” 

Arturo’s father taught him his first card trick. Without his father, he wouldn’t be the person he is today. 

Being so open about his skills with everyone on campus earned him the “Magic Man” nickname, as well as some local popularity. People pester Arturo to do magic, or they go too far with the nickname, but he likes that he’s becoming well known. 

[Magic] helps me understand the person that I’m showing the magic trick to—helps me understand how something small could make a difference in someone’s eyes.”

— Arturo Morelos, Student/Magician

Magic not only encourages him to do better, but it feeds into his social personality in a good way. 

When Arturo isn’t being the “Magic Man” around campus, he’s solving and collecting Rubik’s cubes, watching anime, reading manga, and spending time with his family. 

Arturo is also involved in the Marching Band, helping all the freshmen and sophomores out, teaching visuals, and being an overall leader. 

He’s passionate about what he does, with or without his playing cards and confusing shrinking and enlarging coins.