Levithan’s Another Day Strikes Controversy Over It’s Readers

Savannah Dunn, Reporter

The book another day by David Levithan is a part two for his book Everyday. The book is written in Rihanna’s point of view. Everything’s the same, nothing interesting happens. The only cool thing was that you get to see her side of the story, which is very intriguing. It’s not often you get to hear another person’s point of view on something, especially in a book. In my opinion the book wasn’t great. It was well written like the first book was, but it wasn’t anything new. I felt like I was reading the same exact thing. It would’ve been better off if he had only written Everyday. Some people like the idea that he had given her an opinion with her own book, but I personally didn’t. The book is just reading big events that had happened in the first one, and that can get annoying, it really irritated me. I felt like someone had to keep forcing me to read it and that made the book even more unpleasurable.