Ribbon cutting ceremony for stadium brings Colton community together


Rachel Garcia, Reporter

On January 17th, 2019, alumni, students, faculty, and families came together for the memorial stadium ribbon cutting ceremony. Not only did I see Colton pride but I saw love in the community for our city and school. The event consisted of a variety of people talking about how great and influential the community has been throughout the process of making the stadium. Although the stadium represents how much pride Colton has, one very important aspect that puts the cherry on top is the community.

The event was filled by 4:45 p.m., while a video of the stadium was played on a big screen to show how much of a change was made to the stadium. There was also a variety of food, drinks, and school merchandise that was being sold in order to support our school. As Mrs. Murphy proudly speaks about the communities endless love and Colton pride, she announced the school’s new version of our mascot, Buz. He represents our school’s uprising together throughout the years and for many more as we start off the year with a major improvement to Colton High School. As many people from the district, including the Mayor, gathered up and continued to talk about how important everyone in the community is, a student’s reaction video was played on the big screen. When students first saw the stadium they showed pure joy and excitement as many seniors had the ability to play on this beautiful new addition.

The stadium not only reinforces student’s endless love for their passion for sports but it shows that Colton doesn’t come to play games. This stadium is so intimidating to other schools of how nice it’s built. The class of 2019 is very excited to be the first class to graduate on this field and stadium as it has key memories built within it. Alumni and students in the present have the option to buy a brick that has what they want to be remembered engraved within their brick. This tops everything as it supports the school gym equipment and shows how thoughtful the school is. The entire community of Colton is so excited about this huge feature at our school.