Coronavirus hits the US, closing schools and society


Valentina Velarde, Reporter

There is a virus spreading around the world like crazy, well what is it and is it deadly?

The Coronavirus like your common flu except it typically causes a very severe respiratory infection with mild flu-like symptoms but the scary part is that there is more than one type of virus. The virus was most likely to come from bats but the part scientists don’t understand is how the virus jumped onto humans.

This virus may spread by a cough, sneeze, and contact with saliva. I’m sure there are many other ways to catch the virus because the way you catch it is almost like catching your common cold. There are many reports saying that the virus is not deadly and it is said that influenza is most likely to kill you rather than the Coronavirus itself. In fact the Coronavirus is more deadly that SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and the death rate in china has tolled up to 908 civilians who have been killed by the virus.The virus itself has greatly spreaded throughout the United States and almost in every country in fact, and even in our lovely state of California.

Well how can I protect myself from the virus? Well it’s simple just be sure to wash your hands and cover up don’t be in contact with anyone who is suffering from a common cold as we might not know if it is a cold or not.  A couple weeks back the ontario airport and the San Bernardino airport was supposedly supposed to land civilians from China and Wuhan to visit the Kobe memorial. The civilians were said to have contracted the virus and like I mentioned before it spread all throughout social media but the rumors were false. But the Arrowhead Regional Hospital was said to have had patients within the hospital who have contracted the virus. But there is no apparent report of anyone with the virus in the San Bernardino area. So be sure to cover up and stay clean through this time until further notice.