Animal Crossing Joins the Video Game Hall of Fame


Samantha Jimenez, Reporter

Animal Crossing is one of the many iconic Nintendo franchises, to which many people have used as an escape from the dread of 2020. But now Animal Crossing will be known as something even greater, as the original version has been added to the Video Game Hall of Fame!


The original Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing: Population Growing, was released all the way back in 2001 for the Nintendo GameCube and since then has been a recognizable franchise.

Because of the popularity of the game during 2020, it had led to the game going down in the Video Game Hall of Fame! It is also important to note that StarCraft will also join Animal Crossing for the Video Game Hall of Fame as well!


The Video Game Hall of Fame was made in 2015 and allows all sorts of video games from arcade to mobile. This also allows anyone to nominate a video game to be entered where it is then viewed by all sorts of experts of video games.