Gas prices continue to rise and cause outrage.

Mark Rey, Reporter

       Recently, all across the state of California there have been outrages prices when it comes to gas. Since the oil facility attacks happened in Suadi Arabia, the prices have gone up over 30 cents in the past month or so. So, why has the gas prices come up in America when the attacks happened in Suadi Arabia. And why are they increasing critically in california specifically. So, many people who live in these high priced states do not agree with these prices and are rebelling against the government. But who can blame them? The gas prices are at the highest price point since 5 years. Out of all the united States california gas prices are the highest out of all 50 states. The average throughout all of America is $2.65. So why is California the state that is being affected the most?

       My opinion on this issue is I think that it is extremely absurd. The reason I think this is because ever since we’ve had gas it has always been in the 3-4 dollar range. And now all of a sudden it has just jumped up 2 dollars. So many people are refusing to buy gas because they have a plan each month on expenses. So now they have to pay an extra 5-6 dollars more on gas a month. Which may not sound like much but over time it is a good amount. Another reason I believe the gas prices are so high in California is because of all the constant attraction. There are many tourist attractions and all the people who want to visit California of course have to pay for gas. So, California is getting a lot of business on gas. But, there is something that is opposing my theory. New York which is another big tourist attraction and also has a lot of tourist attractions. Just like california with the popularity but not the same with the gas prices. The New York gas price average is $3.76. And california’s gas price average being 4.01. So this interferes with my theory on popularity.