New Football stadium to bring a “modern” look to Colton High


The new stadium is set to open by the end of 2018.

Marlene Perez, Reporter

The construction of the new football stadium started at the end of 2017. Colton has been in desperate need of new improvements, and it started off with improving the bleachers, a newer ticket booth, two locker rooms on each side of the field, and a newer and improved snack bar.

PE teachers Chad Bishop and Brian Collins’ gave their personal opinion of how the progress of the new field is coming along and what else they could improve around Colton High School. Bishop has been working at Colton High School as a PE teacher for about 25-30 years, he says “I enjoy my job seeing these kids every day and they just crack me up and its a lot of fun being around them and seeing them play in these physical activities.” As for Collins he worked at Grand Terrace at the start of his career as a PE teacher and then transferred to Colton High and has been still teaching to this day. Collins was once the girl’s basketball coach a while back at Colton High but quit since it was a lot for him to take on.

Both of the PE teachers agreed that the new field would represent Colton as more improved, modern, classy and that the residents of Colton would really enjoy it since Colton is a big football town. They are very excited about the field and the improvements that the construction workers have been making every day.

Both teachers were questioned on what other improvements CHS could make after the field is complete. It turns out that CHS is going to build a new cafeteria. However, the PE teachers think the school would benefit from an improved baseball/softball field, newly painted classrooms, decorated halls, and newly painted basketball courts. Collins adds, “Don’t just make the football field look nice, why not make everything look nice. Make it look good for the baseball players, the basketball players, the volleyball players, soccer…”

Bishop and Collins were very clear about how great the football field would look after the construction.