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CHS undergoes eco-friendly modernizations

Chantz Horton, Reporter

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School is something that all of us know, and the students at Colton High have a deep connection to this campus that we all know and love. Fresh off of an amazing spring break many of us were shocked to see what we came back to. Many of the alumni at Colton High have felt at home in one section, the Spanish buildings. The students at Colton High were shocked to see that our beloved Spanish buildings were now gone with a patch of dirt taking their place. Many students posted on Snapchat “are we starting a farm?” Students thought this because the shovels used to remove concrete left rows from their teeth. This was shocking to us because of the fact that we all have a deep connection to this school and to find out that our beloved classrooms were torn down in less than 4 days was shocking.

    That section of the school will now become part of an upcoming modernization project. As assistant principal Mr. Schiro said there will be a new cafeteria built. As for the fate of the spanish buildings, their place will be home to a new outdoor eating area. However, as we all would think, that’s it just a new cafeteria, well a new advancement in our schools technology is coming. As a part of this project, much of Colton High School is going to become eco-friendly with the installation of solar panels, very large ones. These solar panels are going to be so massive for the new seating area these will be the covers providing nice new shade. As for the parking lot it will also be revamped. There will be solar panels installed in there too causing more eco-friendly and efficiency on the part of the school and providing nice shade for whoever parks there. As for the cafeteria that we currently have, it will remain and become our multipurpose room with new seating such as the seating in the auditorium. Schiro predicts that the new cafeteria will be complete before summer ends and the solar panels in October.

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CHS undergoes eco-friendly modernizations