Football head coach Ray Rodriguez inspires both in the classroom and on the field


J. Dollins

Coach Ray Rodriguez stands in salute during the presentation of colors before Colton took the field against Bloomington High on August 27.

Samantha Reynoso, Pepper Bough Staff Writer

Not only does Football coach Ray Rodriguez do a lot for our team, but he also does a lot for Colton High.

Though many people in the community know Ray as the varsity football coach, he also works as an instructional assistant in RSP classes.

He’s been working with the special education students for 6 years now and has the goal of finishing a Master’s degree and earning his teaching credential in special education.

Ray began to work in the special education department because “in high school we had an academic advisor named Steve Barton that worked with the team that actually worked SDC at Colton High, and I think always being around him and his students during that time kind of pushed me in the direction of special education.”

Trying to balance both working in the classroom and on the field can be a real challenge for anyone. Coach Ray is no different. “There can be times where the balance is tough but for the most part it’s very workable.”

Coach Rodriguez gives the players a pep talk during halftime against San Gorgonio on September 16. (J. Dollins)

As for his role as head football coach, Ray has actually been coaching for over 8 years. It is an exciting position, but what Ray loves most in the people with whom he works.

“Dealing with all the different personalities always makes for interesting years and seasons,” he says. “I’ve met some great, funny, interesting young men and women. Building the relationships with the players is always the best part.”

Coaching a football team is not something anyone can do alone, especially a varsity team. Ray is proud of his entire staff, and mentioned how “It’s also super helpful having two more coaches on campus now like coach Myley [Herrera], coach Jake [Waddell], and coach Alex [Ramos].”

Being a head football coach always comes with pressure. However, Ray finds the title and job an encouraging experience.

“Obviously wins and losses put some added pressure, but I won’t gauge my success as a coach solely on wins and losses. If my guys become successful in life after football, I’ll feel good about getting my job done.”

Coach Ray’s impact on Colton High’s students is unmatched. He is a truly amazing coach and person.