Different types of water

Tiffany Sandoval, reporter

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This is the argumentative part which everyone either agrees or disagrees. The question being whether or not all water tastes the same. Not all water tastes the same is the obvious question  but there are still some people who think the exact opposite. Not all water tastes the same because of course of different lakes and how much different environments we live in and the water I am only comparing the water that’s in the united states, so imagine culturally and all around the world. My favorite is the one next to cardenas it comes in a pack probably more than 30. My family goes through the water fast which is good but it is hard when things like that is a necessity in life and you have to pay unnecessary money. The water I have tasted throughout my life,is hard to tell and there are still so many to try from my experience a lot have tasted like plastic which I am guessing is not healthy for you and it could even be all a big lie telling us to drink water but that is just a conspiracy because it is proven that if you don’t drink water it is bad because you then get dehydrated by the thirst. EVery water is different no brand has tasted the same EVER. To start off its good but a few people would have to choose sugary drinks although the people saying that are also the ones who say they need to drink more water. Water is what keeps everyone simply together and living to go on with your life. We should never take it for granted and should continue to keep consuming this product not only because it is healthy but because it generally tastes good. Especially the one from cardenas. Water is also what keeps the earth rotating, not necessarily but it keeps all of us organisms living and that is quite a big deal. IT is also the majority of earth. I myself will continue and hope that the person reading this stops, literally stop and drink water