Snowfall in Colton

Saturday School students treated to a winter wonderland


Russell Levine

Gustavo Arellano holds “George the Snowman,” built by students in Mr. Levine’s AP World History class during their Saturday School test prep session on Feb. 25.

Colton, CA—Saturday school is not always particularly fun. It’s a time to catch up on school work, prepare for upcoming AP exams, and recover attendance.

All that changed on February 25 as the Yellowjackets who committed to showing up on a Saturday were treated to the first major snowfall in Colton in about thirty years.

Students across campus came out on their classroom landings to find large snowflakes falling all about them. As temperatures continued to drop, the snow began to stick, and students began to play. Photos were taken, an impromptu snowy soccer game broke out, and a snowman was built.

“It was a beautiful experience,” said sophomore Valerie Garcia. “Best day.”

Mr. Russ Levine’s AP History students, preparing for May’s exam, took a break to play. Carlos Garcia found a soccer ball and started a game. And students built a snowman they named George.

“RIP George the Snowman,” said Gustavo Arellano. “He was loved by all.”

Ms. Yaquelin Montiel’s economics students also took time to enjoy the winter snowfall. “It was really cool to see it snow here,” said senior Ulises Castillo-Rivera. “After class we just all started having a snowball fight.”

The snowfall is the result of a slow moving arctic storm that recently hit northern California. San Bernardino county was issued a rare blizzard warning by the National Weather Service.

The occurrence of snow is a rarity in Colton, whose elevation is approximately 1,000 feet above sea level. According to, in 1996, there was a winter storm that brought 1-2 inches of snow to the southern sections of the Inland Empire.