Student Store opens its windows

ASB opens Student Store outside Cafetorium to sell school merch, supplies, and treats


Annaleigha Garcia

Students lined up outside the Cafetorium windows on Oct. 17 to purchase lunchtime snacks at the opening of the CHS Student Store.

Colton, CA—The student store is now open!

Five years in the making, Colton High’s ASB opened the student store on Monday, October 17 during both lunches. Students now have the opportunity to purchase food items, school supplies, like notebooks and pencils, as well as Colton gear, including hats, t-shirts, water bottles, lanyards, and stickers. The store will be open Monday through Friday during both lunches at the Cafetorium.

Senior Jamie Santos shows off the cherry slushie she purchased from the Student Store.

ASB will also be selling slushies and a variety of YoDots. Items will range approx $2-$25 for the majority of the regular items, but “we will occasionally have other items that may be more expensive due to type,” said ASB Director Alexandra Buskirk.

ASB Leadership students will be leading the student store since it is part of their duties written in the ASB bylaws/constitution.

ASB’s main goal is to get more CHS gear out to students and more available, but all profits from items will go to making ASB events better and branding the campus with more Colton pride 

Buskirk believes all students should have a place where they can buy items to show their pride at CHS. CHS has not had a student store in nearly 20 years.

ASB leaders Natalie Lopez and Destiny Verduzco  said they found running the student store somewhat difficult because they had to be fast with the orders without making any mistakes. Natalie Lopez said, “The students were very excited, and for our first day it turned out great.”

Destiny is a freshman and was very happy with the customer service. As she put it, they were all “very respectful and fast with the orders—definitely a must try. And for the price, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is craving a cold treat on a hot day.”

With all of the right tools to manage inventory, staffing, and reports, this store is sure to be a success.