Yellowjackets return to a buzzing campus for the 2022-23 school year

Colton High School opens an optimistic new chapter as students and staff return to campus


Annaleigha Hernandez

Colton Cheerleaders, led by Captain Denise Diaz, welcome back Colton students for the 2022-23 school year.

Colton, CA—Students stepped through the gate-openings at the front of the school, the Rancho Avenue entrance, and the Third street entrance. Staff managed the goings on, welcoming everyone back to campus. Cheerleaders celebrated everyone with glee. And the chatter of staff and students filled the halls as a brand new school year began on Wednesday, August 3rd.

This new year comes with a new bell schedule, students starting school 90 minutes later than last year at 8:45 a.m. This change, however, did not dampen spirits.

On campus, students enjoyed reuniting with friends while Link Crew, ASB, and staff provided assistance to those who needed their schedules or had questions about the school.

New staff, like School Resource Officer Anthony Elisarraraz, who works with the Colton Police Department and operates within the schools, was happy to be out helping students. And guidance counselors wore special t-shirts, inviting students to ask them questions.

Activities like these are an annual part of the Colton High tradition, with leadership students setting a positive tone for the new year. “We have a lot of activities planned out for the year.” Junior ASB representative Juan Barron shared.

Principal John Abbott was also optimistic about how this new year will be different. “We learned a lot from distance learning in how we can utilize technology to better enhance the learning and the teaching,” promising that the lessons learned over the last two years will result in Colton making huge gains in the classroom.

Many students are psyched to finally be back from summer, like sophomore Andy Salcedo. “The special part of coming back to school is not just meeting new people but seeing old friends as well.”

And some students are relieved to be back like senior Jesse Ortiz: “I feel like people get bored after so long and it’s just good to come back and to be able to talk and socialize,” he said. “Which is probably the best part of coming back.”