Colton High is getting a facelift

New paint job is coming this summer as part of Principal Abbott’s plans to renovate and upgrade the campus facilities


J. Dollins

Principal John Abbott stands in front of a sample of the paint job coming to Colton High this summer. This paint is a more traditional mix of Colton’s crimson, gold, and white color scheme.

Colton, CA—Changes are coming to Colton High.

This year has already seen some huge changes to the landscape of Colton High. The new addition of the Cafetorium is the most impressive, and had been in the works for over a decade. The athletics department also held their grand opening for the brand new baseball field which was finished in 2020.

Principal John Abbott wants to see more upgrades and improvements to the school’s facilities.

The giant tree by the health office was removed over Spring Break to preserve the building’s foundation. The dirt area will be filled in with concrete and benches will be added for students to use. (J. Dollins)

Since becoming principal, Abbott has brought a vision for the culture of our school, and that begins with the facilities. Several projects are already underway, and a lot more are in the planning stages.

The first project took place over Spring Break when the big tree in front of the office was removed because the roots were causing damage to the foundation of the health office.

The next project is giving the school a facelift. Currently, the school’s front gates are getting repainted with a traditional crimson color. This is the first step in a larger job that will include the entire campus getting re-painted. Painting will start in summer so students won’t get sprayed with the paint, and is planned for completion before students come back to school in August.

“I think it’s great that the school campus is getting repainted,” said freshman Jaime Herrera.

Other changes in the works include laying concrete in the dirt area by the school entrance and adding benches for students to use. New seating areas for lunch, including rebuilding the Senior Bench area, is also in the works.

The Whitmer Auditorium is also undergoing renovations. This had already been in the works prior to Abbott’s arrival, and includes new carpeting, new seats, and improved stage rigging for performance craftwork. The district plans to have this completed around December 2022.

With the Cafetorium completed, the district is now beginning renovations on the old cafeteria to turn it into a state-of-the-art Culinary Arts Building for use by the CHS Hospitality Pathway. This new building, according to Culinary Pathway lead teacher, Brandall Buckles, will include a restaurant industry quality kitchen, full dining room, barbecue area, baking area, and outdoor picnic seating. Plans have been drafted, and the project begins this summer.

“Our students and community deserve to have these facilities upgraded,” said Abbott.

While these upcoming projects and upgrades are a great start, Abbott has a wishlist for the future he is working to achieve, including a swimming pool to replace the one atop the Mac Gym, upgrades to the tennis courts, upgrades for the lights on the baseball and softball fields, and renovations for both Mac and Hubbs Gyms.