SAIL program supports seniors at-risk of missing graduation


Ms. Eva Hernandez meets with a student during a door talk to invite participation in the CHS SAIL program.

On April 11, Colton High School will introduce the Student Assistance in Learning (SAIL) program for students at-risk of not graduating high school. The SAIL program will give the students extra support with the classes they are failing.

The CHS program is specifically working with at-risk seniors. Seniors that have more than three F’s in their classes will be given an opportunity to graduate and get their high school diploma by participating in intensive tutorial sessions.

To recruit students for the program, Colton’s teachers on assignment have been holding “door talks” during this week to establish rapport with students and extend the invitation to join.

“I am excited to work with this group of seniors,” said Eva Hernandez, the Colton High teacher on assignment coordinating the program. “They are the first class of seniors we are able to support in-person again post-distance learning, and I want to see as many of them earning that diploma.”

Lunch Sessions will be held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in room 253. A morning session will be held before school on Thursdays at 8am in room 217. After school sessions will be available in room 253 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30-3:30. The SAIL program will run through senior finals week. 

Student supplies for the program will be made available in room 30.

Currently, the program has two teachers involved working with students. Daniela Carranza will be teaching the lunch sessions and the early Thursday mornings, and Eva Hernandez will be doing the after school sessions. Volunteers to support the involved students are welcome.

If the SAIL program is a success, Colton High will expand the program to other grades to give extra help with classes.

The SAIL program at CHS has a Google Classroom with additional information, updates, and reminders. To join, click on the following link and enter the class code kbnewj2.