Jorge Alvarez, CHS Assistant Principal, announces departure from the district

AP accepts new position as Coordinator at the Center for Teacher Innovation through the Riverside County Office of Education


J. Dollins

After five-and-a-half years, Jorge Alvarez leaves Colton High to coordinate professional development opportunities for educators with the County Office of Education.

Colton, CA—Amid changes in leadership at Colton High School, another name can be added to the list. Mr. Jorge Alvarez. Today, the Assistant Principal announced to the staff he had accepted a position with the Riverside County Office of Education, and that his final day at CHS would be February 14.

Alvarez leaves after serving at Colton High for the last five-and-a-half years. Prior to that he worked as an Assistant Principal at Bloomington High School.

Starting February 15, Alvarez begins his new position as Coordinator at the Center of Teacher Innovation with the Riverside County Office of Education. Back in December, he was informed that he was the final candidate for this position. It was a position he knew he needed to take. The Coordinator’s job is to be a mentor for educators.

During his time at CHS, Alvarez focused on innovations in the classroom through the use of technology, and by bringing attention to the mental health needs of staff and students. “The hardest thing about being an Assistant Principal is kids coming to my office and mentioning that they have mental health issues,” he said.

This led him, with the help of a student, Mateo Cisneros, to put together two large scale projects: the Colton TEDx event in April 2019, followed by the first CHS Wellness Fair in March 2020.

The Wellness Fair brought attention to the mental health issues students were facing, and provided resources for support. The first was held the same week the school closed down because of the pandemic. “I’m just happy we were able to spend a great time together with students and teachers alike before the pandemic hit,” said Alvarez. Since then, there was a virtual Wellness Fair in 2021, and another scheduled for March 11.

His mark left at CHS, Alvarez is ready to make another working with educators in Riverside County. He shared that when he started out as a teacher he felt lost, and wasn’t comfortable sometimes when he attempted to engage his students. He was so new to the profession, he didn’t even know this was a skill he needed.

Alvarez realized he needed more support. He needed a mentor.

Now, as the new Coordinator of Teacher Innovation, he will be helping other teachers develop professionally. He will also be supporting their relationship building skills with students.

Alvarez wants to bring the human aspect to teaching. He wants to help educators see that it is okay to show emotion. “I want them to show the same amount of care I show them to their students.”

As for his time here at Colton High, Alvarez says, “I’m just very honored to have worked in Colton. I’m still very proud to call myself a Yellowjacket. I wanted to be the best role model. I hope I made you guys proud. I know many great people, and they’re here at Colton. We’re a family.”