MRWC prepares Colton students for college mathematics

New course offering integrates various math subjects to provide a unique approach to instruction


Students in Ms. Gomez’s 6th period MRWC class collaborate to solve math problems integrating multiple maths disciplines.

Colton, CA—Ask most anyone and they will tell you math is their toughest subject.

This year, Colton High is offering a new maths course for seniors to help them make connections between their algebra and geometry classes as part of their college preparation.

The course is called MRWC—Mathematical Reasoning with Connection. It has been offered in other California school districts for the last two years. This year, the Colton Joint Unified School District decided to join them. 

Currently, three teachers in Colton Joint Unified School District are teaching MRWC. At CHS, 54 students are enrolled in the course taught by Ms. Ramona Gomez.

“MRWC is the greatest math class ever,” said Eva Hernandez, Colton High’s Teacher on Assignment for the Mathematics Department.

For Ms. Ramona Gomez, who teaches the course, MRWC is about “taking this math journey, taking you through familiar roads and ending up with new connections.”

“It’s a struggle but it adds up,” she said.

Every January, the district does mathematics placement for high schools. For MRWC, they are looking for students who experience success in Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry.

The course helps the students make connections between the concepts and skills that they have learned about in those previous three years in mathematics and make them develop their math skill.

Mathematical reasoning is important as it helps to develop critical thinking and understanding math through a wider perspective. MRWC focuses on understanding and making sense of mathematics through group discussion and strategic thinking.

The bottom line is that students are succeeding in this program.

“Math wasn’t my strong subject all throughout high school till I walked into MRWC,” said senior Emily Hernandez. “Everyday is a new day to learn what I thought I never could overcome!”