Halloween comes early to Anatomy class during skin wound lab


Students in Kristin Griffith’s Anatomy class discover the ways in which burn wounds heal during this gruesome lab experiment.

Colton, CA—Halloween came early to Colton High this year.

Yesterday, in lab room 53, Ms. Kristin Griffith’s students made fake wounds to learn about skin and burn wounds and how they heal.

During the class, students made fake wounds and applied them to each other. Some of the fake wounds even exposed bones. Some students said it was “cool,” however some said it was “50/50.” Those getting the wounds put on them said it felt “weird just getting it.”

The students chose what burn or skin wound they wanted to use, but most students just did their own wounds.

After the students were done with their assignment, they washed off the makeup effects. Some students did so well that one student said it “looked like they were really beeding.”