CHS HEAL Pathway draws blood at LifeStream Blood Drive


Erin Dallatorre

Larissa Lopez (Grade 11), HEAL student and 2nd blood donor of the day, laughs as friend Haley Arenas supports her while getting blood drawn.

Erin Dallatorre, Pepper Bough Staff Writer

Colton, CA—The Colton High HEAL Pathway, coordinating with LifeStream, a non-profit blood bank, hosted the annual Blood Drive today at the Mac Gym.

Over 100 students had their blood drawn throughout the school day.

LifeStream’s team of trained phlebotomists arrived on site with their equipment to run the event. HEAL pathway students ran the check-in and confirmation process. They also provided emotional support and aftercare for donors.

Ms. Griffith gives HEAL students running the check-in of the Blood Drive encouragement and instructions for the day. (Erin Dallatorre)

The HEAL pathway received donations from LifeStream as a thanks for organizing the event. All the blood donated will go to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center.

“Donating blood literally saves lives,” said HEAL Pathway’s elated adviser, Ms. Kristin Griffith. “Our bodies are amazing and can quickly make more blood to compensate for the blood that we donate. Most of us probably know someone who was the recipient of a blood transfusion at some point in their lives. I am proud to promote this on our campus.”

Students were encouraged everyday for a week leading up to the Blood Drive to sign up and donate.

To sign up for the Blood Drive students were asked to complete a Google Form, turn-in a signed permission slip, and meet the requirements to draw blood. Students had to be 15-years or older and weigh more than 110 pounds to be eligible.

Before the Blood Drive, Ms. Griffith hoped her wish for students to become more aware of this easy way to save lives and support the community would be granted. Today’s successful event is proof she was heard.