2020 Presidential Candidates

Bianca Roman, Reporter

  This election year we started with many candidates for the election of 2020, but ended up with five people still in the running. Three of those candidates are democrats and 2 are Republicans. It went from over 20 candidates to five, and one of those five is the current President Donald Trump. At the moment 25 Democrats and 2 Republicans have dropped out of the Election for 2020. Some of them have promised to run again for the elections of 2024. Some of those who dropped out of the race did it back in the year of 2019 and other recent this year, those being; Mark Sanford, Joe Walsh, Richard Ojeda, Eric Swallwell, John Hickenlooper, Jay Inslee, Seth Moulton, Kristen Gillibrand, Bill de Blasio, Tim Ryan, Beto O’Rourke, Wayne Messam, Joe Sestak, Steve Bullock, Kamala Harris, Julián Castro, Marianne Williamson, Cory Booker, John Delaney, Micheal Bennett, Andrew Yang, Deval Patrick, Tom steyer, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Micheal Bloomberg, and Elizabeth Warren. Most of them ended their campaign sooner than they expected and couldn’t reach a wide range of voters, but candidates like Warren, Yang and Bloomberg were available to reach a great range of voters and even had the opportunity to be in some of the Televised Democratic debates. But one after another started to drop out of the presidential race. 

           Some voters thought that this year’s elections were going to be very different compared to the last election and some believed this year there was a higher possibility the United States was going to vote in the first female president. This was due to the diversity in the candidates and this year there being more women who were running in the presidential race. Some of the women who had a bit longer campaign are, Warren, Klobuchar and Harris, and although there is one woman still in the race, Tulsi Gabbard, she isn’t really talked about in the media or has her campaign really exposed to a wide range of people who can vote. After so many candidates dropping out of the race, it has come down to Joe Biden Jr., Tulsi Gabbard, and Bernie Sanders for the Democrats and for the Republicans it is the United States current President Trump and William Weld. There is still a possibility that some of the candidates might drop out of the race since elections aren’t until November of this year.