Bullying case in Moreno Valley ends in 13 year old’s death


Kamilah Diaz, Reporter

A 13 year old boy, known as Diego died when his head struck the concrete floor after being beaten by two fellow students at Landmark middle school. Prosecutors have filed voluntarily manslaughter charges against both 13 year old boys. The fight between all three boys was captured in a video that was posted on Facebook. The identities of the boys have not been released simply because they are minors. Diego was initially hospitalized in critical condition, but unfortunately passed away little over a week later, on September 16. After Diego’s death, members and students of the school have come forward to share their own experiences of school bullying.

Most shared, that fights would break out regularly throughout the week and that administration and officials did little to fix the issue. A vigil was held there at Landmark middle school on September 18th where hundreds of loved ones and supporters gathered to mourn the loss of Diego. Many had lots of positive things to say about him and many questioned why this tragic event had to happen. Superintendent of the Moreno Valley Unified School District ,Martinrex Kedziora made an appearance at the vigil to show his respects and condolences, but that took a turn quickly. Many angry parents and students showed their anger towards him, because he did not do anything to stop the tragic situation or did very little to prevent it, so they ended up running him out of the vigil.

At the middle school extra security will be placed and there will be more counselors and therapists to help the other students overcome this. Even though this happened this an important lesson to be learned for the school district of Moreno Valley and I am sure that many other schools will start to take action and take bullying serious so that things like the unfortunate death of Diego will never happen. Bullying is a serious and never ending matter, but we can do a lot to minimize it.